River Trail

The river trail runs, well, along the river. This trail is the second shortest trail at the state park at .7 of a mile. It takes about a half an hour to hike. The trail goes from the old CCC Lodge, past the amphitheater, all the way to campground three. It’s great for older kids who don’t have transportation and want some independence. You will encounter some climbing, the trail is well-maintained, and the distance is fairly short. You do, however, have to cross paved highway F (not a problem if very cautious), to get from the lodge to the campground. Here’s a topo map if you are interested.

If you want to get from point A to point B, the trail is good. For scenery, I’d recommend the Deer Leap Trail or Devil’s Kitchen. Carry lots of water, even for shorter hikes like this one.
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