Basic Fly Fishing Tackle

To get started fly fishing, you really only need a few things: Rod, Reel, Line, Leader, and Fly. This, however, is only the beginning, and as you progress, you will add more tools to your fishing arsenal.

Rainbow Trout - Roaring River

The setup of these five elements is based on the fly you will be throwing. If you are after trout, and you know they munch on Mayflies, you know you’ll need to throw smaller line for the smaller fly. To throw smaller line, you’ll need a stiffer rod to cast it, as well as a reel designed for this weight.

This is only a guideline, however. Throwing flies gets easier with new technology in fly fishing.

There is tons of information online for basic fly fishing info. This company has a lot of good advice, so check them out!

So how do you know what setup to start with? You ask! Take an experienced fly fisherman to your local sporting goods store and have him or her explain to you the works. At Roaring River, if you haven’t purchased your gear, start at the new store and ask for their advice. They will certainly help you pick out gear to catch your limit.

Fly Fishing Roaring River

I started with a cheap fly rod that came with a reel loaded with line and leader. It worked, and still works, fine. I’ve caught many trout with it. I think it was a Wal-Mart special. Since then, I’ve upgraded to a better rod and reel, but whatever you choose, you will need to practice your casting skills and learn to understand fly fishing to progress in the sport.

You might want to check out a cheap setup like this one, which works for the price. It doesn’t have backing, which really isn’t needed for Roaring River, since the river isn’t too wide. That’s just my opinion, though.

It’s not pretty, and it’s plastic, but it’s a good starter, and it was especially good for my 12-year old to use. It’s an eight foot pole, so not easy for a kid, but it’s cheap enough that if he breaks it, no big deal!

Once you have your rod and reel, and you have your leader and tippet (here is a good site to get information) tied on, you are ready to tie on some flies and get fishing. I recommend heading to Tim’s Fly Shop nearby, and talking to Tim about what is hot, and getting your flies there. He’s an icon in the area and knows his stuff! They also sell flies at the Park Store.

You’ll also need a net, something to hold your gear like a vest or chest pack, or just pockets, and some basic tools like forceps and other miscellaneous gear.

Maybe something like this.

Also, I prefer the rubber net. I’ve had different styles of nets, and when my hook got snagged in the netting, I had to cut it out, leaving holes and taking up many minutes of non-fishing time. It wasn’t pleasant since I’ve switched to the rubber net, it’s been much nicer.

This one is cool since it already comes with a magnet attachment that you clip to your vest or belt, so it’s quick release and keeps your net where you want it.

Whatever you choose, enjoy fishing on Roaring River! Check the map for different zones to really enjoy the river with a fly rod.