Lunkers in the Roaring River

Yes, the hatchery does release LUNKERS into the roaring river holes. You may not see them, but they do release the big ones on a daily basis. It may only be three or four a day – ask them at the lodge, they’ll give you the percentage – but they are waiting for your lure.

Lunker Trout on Roaring River

I was fishing in the first hole by the bridge one day, when I saw a giant trout dive deep into the river. I spent several hours working rubber worms, spinner bait, and other attractive lures where I thought the fish was hanging out, to no avail. It was hot out, so I thought I would return in the evening and see if I could lure him out.

I headed back to the hole and started fishing it. Up walks another fisherman with a heavy pole and heavy line. I could see his lure, a big Rapala crawdad. A deep diver, which could easily get snagged at the bottom of the river.

It didn’t. He pulled in the lunker in about ten minutes. I sat there watching, my mouth open. He smiled and wandered away with the fish. Wow. That’s when I decided I’d bring an extra bass fishing pole with me, with heavy 10lb. line, just in case. And a couple of big lures, too. It hasn’t worked out for me yet, but the big fish are there for the catching!