Waterslide Near Roaring River

It can get hot in the summer, but besides splashing in the river, or finding one of the nearby pools, the waterslide might give you or your kids a break from the heat.

The waterslide is just up Highway 112 toward Cassville, from the state park.

Waterslide Location


It’s an older fiberglass model, and lots of fun according to the kids. They give you a mat to slide down on, so you get some protection from the surface of the slide. As of the summer of 2016, the price is $8 an hour per rider. There’s a patio on the back, so you can watch your kids go up and down the slide. And they have a cafe that serves all kinds of things, so you can relax in the shade if you aren’t riding.

Waterslide at Roaring River

Waterslide at Roaring River


Give it a try. This video shows what it’s like to give it a whirl: