Deer Leap Trail

This is a short .2 mile hike up above the spring that feeds Roaring River, and above the trout hatchery. You can get on the trail near the cabins just north of the CCC Lodge, or on the northeast side of the hatchery, near the spring.

It’s here, right next to the hatchery at the red pin on this map:

Deer Leap Trail

Be prepared to climb some stairs here to get up to the observation deck and boardwalk. Missouri State parks calls this trail “Rugged.” Be careful and watch what you are doing and take your time.

Here’s what some of the stairs look like.

Deer Leap Trail Stairs

It’s worth the climb, though, as the view of the fish hatchery below is outstanding.

Check this out:

Deer Leap Trail Panorama

Deer Leap Trail